Knowledge & Skills

HTML ∙ CSS3 ∙ JavaScript ∙ React ∙ Redux ∙ Node.js ∙ PostgreSQL ∙ Express.js ∙ Massive.js
Nodemailer ∙ SCSS ∙ ∙ Chart.js



MooLa is a full stack dairy farm data solution. Using it, dairy farmers can understand and improve herd health and dairy production.

Moola is a full CRUD application, that is build with React, Javascript, Node, express, Axios, postgreSQL, bcryptJS, react-router, and Redux. Security was custom built with BCrypt. The messaging platform is built with Chart.js is used to chart the business and health data.


Built with HTML/SCSS, Javascript, react, node, redux, amazon S3, chart.js, and Nodemailer. Jobber is built with a React front end, and uses a Node.js with Express.js backend, as well as a postgreSQL database.

Jobber is a full CRUD application, using Axios. Nodemailer was used to allow users to send bids to potential clients. Scheduling was created with syncfusion. Business reports were created with chart.js.

About Me

When I'm not slinging some sweet code you can find me playing sports, cooking, or traveling. I’m always down for a good game of just about anything (ping pong, racquetball, lacrosse, badminton … you name it).

I love experiencing new places. Some of the places I’ve visited include Nepal, Guatemala, Belize, Mexico, Kenya, Uganda, Israel, Jordan, Fiji, and Samoa.